‎"God is the biggest urban legend of all times.
He is an ancient game of Post Office gone horribly, horribly wrong." - Rock Cowles


"One man's theology is another man's belly laugh" 
Robert A. Heinlein

Rev. Dr. Rock


Religious Freedom is Not Majority Rules

American Atheists

Jesus Never Existed

Raging Rev

Evil Bible

Your Religion Is False

Normal Bob Smith

American Atheists

Atheism.About.com   (definitions)

Atheist Alliance International

Wikipedia - Irreligion  (definitions)

The Atheist Advocate

Daylight Atheism

Out Campaign



Iron Chariots (Atheist Apologetics)

Think Atheist   (forum)

Why Won't God Heal Amputees?  (forum)

Atheist Nexus  (Non-Theist Social Network)

Positive Atheism


Atheism Resource

Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster  (Satire of Intelligent Design)

FSM Pirate Fish

God is Imaginary  (excellent questions, answers, & videos)

Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Reddit R Atheism  (information)

Sam Harris

Project Reason  (Sam Harris' group)

Freedom from Religion Foundation (Dan Barker)


Build Up That Wall (Christopher Hitchens)

Christopher Hitchens' Web



Internet Infidels

Charles Darwin

Daniel C. Dennett

Truth Saves

Robert M. Price

Center for Inquiry

The New Humanist


Skeptics Dictionary

Rational Response Squad

The Brights

James Randi Education Foundation

Universal Atheist Symbol

Atheist Think Tank

The Thinking Atheist

Calvin & Hobbes  

The Institute for Humanist Studies

Church of Spiritual Humanism

The Secular Coalition for America

Rational Responders

Digital Freethought

Invisible Pink Unicorn

Secular Web

Why I am Not a Christian - Bertrand Russell


The Panda's Thumb

Discovery News

How Stuff Works

 United Anarchists

Secular Student Alliance

Secular Earth

The Church of the Apathetic Agnostic


Monolithic Domes


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