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My name is Rock Cowles. I went from being raised in a Unitarian Universalist church to being agnostic to Christian to agnostic atheist/ignostic.

I'm a displaced Yankee living in upstate South Carolina, in what is commonly known as the Bible Belt Buckle. This area has more churches per capita than any other place in the world!


I see the guilt, oppression, rebellion, frustration, shame, isolation, and depression that fundamentalist thinking and religion puts people through. I see them going through life afraid to think for themselves and doing so poorly on the rare occasions that they try. This area is not twenty years behind the rest of the country in nearly everything because it is an agricultural area, but because it is a religious area.

I want to see people be free to think for themselves without fear of persecution. Most of the folks here don't even know that they don't do it already. Its frightening in adults and heartbreaking in children.

Atheist Red Pill

As my atheist apologetics and understanding clarifies, my capabilities and those of this site will grow. I am choosing to keep this site simple and relatively bare until I determine how it can be the most productive. In the meantime, I welcome suggestions and feedback.


"Belief gets in the way of learning." 
Robert A. Heinlein




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  (Mark 12:28-31)
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God: "Hey, Rock! It's me, God!"

Rock: "God?" How do I know you're really God?"

God: "I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you."

Rock: "Never mind."

 "Don't swallow the blue suppository."
- Rock Cowles

 I have been a legally ordained minister since the early Ninties.
Its great fun when responding to obnoxious proselytizing, but it is also much more. It gives you a voice that you might not otherwise have.
The Universal Life Church will ordain anyone free for the asking. They only have two tenets; belief in freedom of religion, and belief in doing
the right thing. They also over honorary doctorates so you can be Reverend Doctor or just Doctor legally! You can perform church services, as well as marry , bury, and baptise people.

Their web site is ULC.net

Beware of imposters and frauds.

- Reverend Doctor Rock

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